Secondary School Education

Knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip students with a firm foundation in the core subjects and develop strong learning skills to pursue a variety of educational streams in future.

Opportunities are provided to research, solve problems and make considered decisions so that over a period our students achieve self-reliance in learning and develop confidence and an understanding of the learning process.

Leadership is nurtured through various opportunities to lead, organise events for academic and social areas. At this stage, we believe, each student is to be nurtured to be brave, intelligent and resilient. Our goal is to enable our students to become individuals of vision and make the world better.

Subject at the Secondary Level:

  • Scholastic
    • English, Hindi/Punjabi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, and Optional subjects from the vocational and mainstream studies.
  • Non-Scholastic
    • Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Sports, Swimming, Home Science, Robotics, Drama, Theatre, Language Arts.